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I’m extremely new to the fediverse so still learning but excited by the prospect.

I work in the space and hobby in , , , and .

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Raspberyy Pi copaganda 

You bet if a company selling electric pianos started writing how they hired an ex-cop who writes songs about killing people without consequences because they are the law, I would never speak well of them ever again.

I don't even need to exaggerate.

1. You hired a cop.
2. You hired a cop who spies on people.
3. You hired a cop who spies on people with spyware built from #RaspberryPi hardware.
4. You tried to be snarky and sassy and block everyone telling you nicely that hey, maybe don't do this?

Did you dipshits think for just a moment who the fuck runs and uses these servers regularly?

Everyone new to the #Fediverse about to see how it defends itself.

Advent of Code 2022: Day 8 

I finally cracked day 8.

I decided to use NumPy for it's multi-dimensional arrays. This was wise *and* foolish. Wise because that's what NumPy is for; foolish because I've never used NumPy.

It turns out that keeping the scaffold of a multi-dimensional array in your head while trying to figure out how to loop across it is pretty demanding.

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Our #SecuriTay2023 Call for Papers will be closing on January 20th! 🗣 We welcome experienced and first-time speakers ❤️​ We also have spaces to host workshops during the conference too! Submissions can be made at:

This is also our final call for sponsorship! Available sponsorship packages can be found on our website. If you are interested, please get in contact with us ASAP 😊 (

Visit our website for more information:

Advent of Code 2022: Day 7 

Found a reason to use structural pattern matching in Python!

Advent of Code 2022: Day 6 

Day 6 was fun, letting Python do a lot of heavy lifting.

Advent of Code 2022: Day 2 

Published my post tackling the solution for day 2 puzzles on

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Acid test for any social network or fedi instance:

If you say "fuck you" to a Nazi, who gets banned?

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Now blocking famous people coming to #Mastodon to replicate their #Twitter megaphone.

They always have most of these behaviors :

1) They don't follow back.

2) They don't reply to comments (much or at all).

3) They do a lot of cross-posting.

4) They are obsessed with reach/engagement.

5) Their use of CW's is spotty at best.

6) Give lip service to "special nature" of Mastodon, but make no real effort to participate in the community beyond scumming for follows.


I've jumped on the Advent of Code for 2022 [1] as an excuse to practice Python and decided to write some posts [2] about tackling the challenges to repopulate my blog. Warning: the posts will contain solutions but not answers.


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Really 404 pages should say ‘that’ page does not exist

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You've heard of "I don't want your fucking app."

Now get ready for "I don't want to join your fucking Discord server just to get basic information that should be on a proper website instead of hidden away in the archives of a fucking chatroom."

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I haven't fully moved my stuff across from Twitter, but for those that haven't seen, I have made my book fully free for those that want it, and it's also available to pay some money for if you want to support my blog/work:



Scottish independence; UK politics 

If Scotland is beholden to the whims of Westminster, then any conversations about what Scotland would owe to the union in a post-independence world are moot and arguably immoral. Talk of expected tribute from a vassal state because they wish to be independent is medieval.

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Scottish independence; UK politics 

If you do not wish for a people to perceive themselves as subjugated, they must have an uninhibited right to self-determination.

Denying this agency is an explicit affirmation of their subjugation and must necessarily be a prominent element of any discussion about what is owed between the subject and the ruler.

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I’m extremely new to the fediverse so still learning but excited by the prospect.

I work in the space and hobby in , , , and .

Blade Runner Social

A small community instance for humans and replicants. This is a generalist instance, although Blade Runner/Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep related discussion is most welcome.