Former #ADSBExchange feeders are moving to a new server, Coverage is light right now, but hopefully more feeders will come online soon.

If you're feeding #ADSB, please consider adding or switching by pointing to

#ADSBExchange has been purchased by private equity.

If you're not aware, #ADSBx was the only open, free and uncensored ADSB aggregator. The owner/operator took a payout. People who have been feeding the service for years with a #RTLSDR receiver got nothing.

I’m revisiting the Sopranos and every time I see Anthony Junior (AJ) I wonder if @hdm was a child actor for a while back then

If you’re a fan of type things here’s 5 more from Microsoft, using this method you remove the write barrier that might have stood in your way for some programs that reside in program files system32 etc (old research revisited) the post covers some notable points I’d witnessed and there’s a little screencast at the bottom full of inacurate terminology if you want to hear my excellent bingo-calling voice

#MSTeams #RCE vulnerability found by & The deeplink handler for /l/task/:appId in Teams can load an arbitrary URL in webview/#iframe. Attackers can abuse this combined with Teams RPC to get code execution outside the sandbox:

Every company with a functioning security@ email address gets a cookie.

If it bounces me to HackerOne or something else with strict Terms of Service and mandatory accounts and email spam, I have a policy of defaulting to full disclosure.

Neither Microsoft, nor Amazon, nor Google, nor Meta are hurting for money. They are not belt tightening so they can survive the coming crunch.

They're doing just fine and could have easily found productive things for all those people to do.

They're laying off tens of thousands of people to make shareholders happy.

Every person I've ever met with an anti-immigration stance...

Contrary to the popular opinion that algorithms are purely objective these models are opinions embedded in mathematics. ~ Cathy O'Neil's Weapons of Math Destruction

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