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Looks like a script that's suppost to remove profile headers may have been removing follows and followers. I can restore the former but not the latter. If I dropped off your radar, I didn't block you, it was just me being shit at . Feel free to re-add if you like.

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New instance so new :

I run, a small community instance. I've been on fedi for >5 years. I'm into , , , , , , , , and .

I'm currently on a sabbatical studying , security, adversarial economics and solidity/evm security. Expect occasional posts about evm bugs, not markets.

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A less controversial take (I hope...) but "LGB" isn't a thing and gay transphobes are still transphobes and will be promptly told to get tae fuck 💜

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to catch a train, first you must learn to think like a train

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Ban cars 

Every day
sometimes by accident,
sometimes maliciously,
someone is killed,
or injured,
or broken somehow.

Every day
a family mourns
a child, a parent
a sibling, a friend.

A car is a weapon.
A blunt device
A catastrophe on wheels,
An ecocidal machine.

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My hard drive was overheating so I added some ventilation holes to improve the air flow 👌
#DIY #HandyWoman #WomenInTech

Hellsite,creeping fascism 

Given baby trump's treatment of hellsite there's no longer a need for gab and truth social. The fascists set up these spaces because they were booted off, and now they're being welcomed back with open arms.

You lie down with dogs, you get fleas. He redrew the lines, leaving you to make a choice. Continuing to post to your active hellsite account may say more about your ethical boundaries than you think.

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Too many people are used to centralised social media and websites in general.

Mastodon is like email in the technical sense, but it's more like Minecraft. You can join a server, but you don't have a right to be there. You're asked to follow the rules. If you piss off the admin you'll probably get banned because they don't want you there. Getting banned from one server doesn't mean you can't join another.

That's the Internet. Welcome. Be gay. Have fun.

trans rights,ukpol 

JFC Keith:

Trans women are women. TERFs can fucking do one. It's not hard, Keith.

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This is one of my favorite pictures. It feels like it was taken yesterday… but it was taken in a Paris public garden nearly a hundred years ago. Everything feels modern: the composition, the casualness, the daring clothes, haircuts, and accessories.

The colors are original: this is an #autochrome, using the first process for color #photography invented by the Lumière brothers in 1903.

The women are unknown, but I can't help wondering how they fared a few years later in nazi-occupied Paris.

Inventaire looks like a really interesting federated library solution.

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I think it's always important to hear from the other side in a debate

*slowly pulls out a ouija board*

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Because someone mentioned her music in my Shop Small thread, let's pull out this absolute banger:

Wurk by Linqua Franqa is an absolute banger and an anthem for workers rights.

Linqua Franqa is an Athens, GA based musician who, until recently, was also super involved in local politics. She walks the walk.

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Google has now migrated to thus if you grant Geoloc permission in your browser, every G-service on can track your location.

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If you're going to buy off this you can tip the odds in your favour:

1. Check items on before adding them to your basket.
2. If it's not at the lowest price in a year or the discount is tiny you can add to basket, then save for later. Then set a CamelCamelCamel price alert.
3. Even better still, check in with eBay and your local listings sites and see if you can get it for less.
4. Ask if friends have the items and offer to buy from them instead.

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The irony of computing in 2022 

We used to make fun of Sun claiming that Java would run everywhere and everything would be written in Java.

That didn't happen and, to my chagrin, neither did the Java processor so close to the WD9000 p-code processor of my youth¹.

What seems to be happening though is that we are building a computing industry around Javascript and I find that both ironic and terrifying.

The writing was on the wall when you started reading that supercomputers (sorry, "HPC" now) are being programmed in Python…

Now we live in a wonderful world where applications like Microsoft Remote Desktop and Slack crash each other mysteriously as they are both Electron apps (that's another one of my classic rants because the more I look at the stack traces the more I have an urge to throw everything out of the window).
¹ The WD9000 by Western Digital ( was a 5-chip microprocessor which powered the Pascal µEngine and executed Pascal p-code directly. That was the same idea as the Java processor, just 20 years earlier!

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Jupiter's swirling Great Red Spot

Full size:

Suggested to click on this image if you see it in 16:9

Raw Data processed from:

Orbit (Perijove)31
#NASA #Juno
Altitude: 16231 km
Time: 2020-12-30

#Space #Spacetodon #Astrodon #Astronomy #Solarocks #Jupiter
©NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS /AndreaLuck

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