The biggest lie those in power will tell you is "there isn't enough to just give things to people". We have enough to throw away tons of perfectly fine food every day, more empty housing than homeless people, and ludicrous volumes of perfectly good clothing, white goods and electronics going to landfill.

The problem isn't production, it's profit getting in the way of distribution.

@tadbithuman you're making a political point, which is 100% correct in many cases. My point is about capitalism's profit motive itself, apologies if that wasn't clear. There is no capitalist system that isn't inherently wasteful. Its baked into the design. The two are definitely linked in a one hand feeds the other way though.

@stevelord The people that benefit from what you are saying are not more motivated to vote than the people who believe the other side of the argument. Some people that may be on your side, have other priorities like religion or racism and vote for people that are religious or racist. Many of those people that say that they are religious or are racist are against your ideas. The availability of goods and services goes according to the law of supply and demand.

@lienrag I'm afraid if you want a reasonable response you'll have to be more specific, or at least coherent.


So the the answer is "in the economical center".
Is it enough to provide for everyone in the periphery, or do you consider that only people in the center count as human beings ?

(I don't know the answer, but I'm under the impression from the few numbers I know that no, it's not enough - I'd be happy to be proven wrong)
(all this not to defend how the system works)

@lienrag I'm really sorry but I'm having trouble understanding you. It looks like you're arguing against points I haven't made. What is "in the economical center"? I don't understand that at all, sorry.

Economic capitalism is inherently wasteful and destructive. A bakery sans-capitalism should feed everyone locally. A capitalist bakery feeds those who can pay first, or only. Politicians can make rules allowing bakeries to give away older food but they still need to make enough money first.


Well, if you don't understand that capitalism organizes the world around its centers of production (mostly in the western world) and transforms everything else into an economical periphery, your criticism of it will have a hard time being more than a romantic vision of what should be.

@lienrag Lol when I said I had trouble understanding you, it was your English. I don't think you've understood a single thing I've said. What you've said is grammatically correct but contextually incoherent to me. I think you're trying to insult me here but I don't care enough about your words for it to matter. I'm just going to discontinue at this point. Please leave me alone.


No I wasn't trying to insult, you, but I will leave you alone if that's your wish.

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