Your periodic reminder that DNS over HTTPS does nothing for your privacy.

I want you to consider that nowhere in the RFC is privacy mentioned as a primary design goal of DoH. The only two goals are first-hop integrity, and bringing DNS resolution to the application.

So you have some measure of privacy/integrity to the DoH server, but no idea whether whether or not, or to whom they're giving your DNS queries to.

On top of that, bringing DNS resolution into the web application is going to have implications with regards to ad blocking.

With the sunsetting of manifest V2, and supposedly limiting the effectiveness of ad blockers, they're coming for your browsing data, and are here to make you watch ads. You know, those same ads from ad delivery networks that are serving you malware currently.


@da_667 Thankyou for writing this. Dealing with DoH fans affiliated with surveillance capitalism is one of the things that got me to leave the hellsite.

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